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Adrienne L. Hollis, PhD, JD

Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists

Bowie, Maryland

Adrienne L. Hollis, PhD, JD is the Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists. She leads the work on methods for accessing and documenting the health impacts of climate change on communities of color and other traditionally disenfranchised groups and ensures scientific information from UCS is communicated in a culturally competent and helpful manner to vulnerable populations. Dr. Hollis works with environmental justice communities to identify priority health concerns related to climate change and other environmental assaults and evaluates climate and energy policy approaches for their ability to effectively address climate change and benefit underserved communities. Within the Climate & Energy program, she is examining climate and energy policies aimed at reducing exposure to negative health and environmental impacts; and recommending policy approaches to foster inclusiveness and greater benefits to underserved communities, and effectively address climate change.

Dr. Hollis has more than 20 years of experience in the environmental arena, particularly focused on environmental justice, equity and inclusion, and the adverse health effects of environmental exposures and climate change on vulnerable communities.