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This is what real climate action looks like

Renewable Energy

You can build support for the strongest piece of climate legislation introduced to date in Congress.

The OFF Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act would require that the U.S. make a just transition to 100 percent clean renewable energy by 2035.

That’s an ambitious target—and a necessary one.

It’s time to get serious about renewable energy. Climate change is already harming our health and taking lives. In the past few weeks, communities in multiple states have endured a succession of powerful hurricanes. Others have battled the flames from one of the worst wildfire seasons in U.S. history.

The OFF Act gives us the chance to slow climate change and safeguard our health.

The bill also places racial and economic justice at the forefront of the climate fight.

The OFF Act prioritizes health and embodies our values by:

  • Promoting clean renewable energy sources: solar, wind and geothermal power.
  • Protecting us from accelerating climate change and deadly air pollution.
  • Making economic and racial justice central to climate mitigation efforts.
  • Creating tens of thousands of new jobs in renewable energy.

Speak up for health! Ask your congressional representative to help ensure a livable climate by cosponsoring the OFF Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act.

Isn’t that the America you want?