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EPA: Don’t Weaken Carbon Pollution Limits on New Power Plants!

Tell the EPA that you strongly oppose their proposal to weaken existing standards on carbon pollution from new, modified and reconstructed power plants. Please submit your comments urging them to maintain current limits on carbon pollution from new, modified and reconstructed fossil fuel-fired power plants and retain the carbon “endangerment” finding. Write your comment in …

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Trump’s Nuclear Reversal

In a letter to the editor in The New York Times, PSR’s Dr. Robert Dodge calls the Trump Administration’s reversal of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty the beginning of a new Cold War.

Where is our Climate Change Valentine?

PSR’s Barbara Gottlieb testified this morning before the U.S. EPA, urging them not to roll back the limits on carbon emissions (CO2) from coal-fired power plants.

Proposed Weymouth Compressor Station Draws More Opposition

Article from WBUR on the growing opposition to the proposed compressor station in Weymouth, MA, citing Greater Boston PSR’s new report, which concludes that air pollution from the compressor station would pose “an unacceptable health risk to the surrounding community.”