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AMA Adopts Sweeping Climate Change Education Policy

The American Medical Association (AMA) adopted at its June 2019 meeting a sweeping new policy that pledges the organization to promote education for medical students and physicians on the topic of the health threats from climate change.

Physicians and the Threat of Nuclear War

Commentary from Drs. Robert Peter Gale and David G. Nathan in The ASCO Post on the public health threat of nuclear war and the history of PSR and IPPNW’s work.

Recent Heat Wave Kills Six, Harms Health of Others

This past weekend’s heat wave across the country had lethal consequences. According to estimates, six people have died from heat-related illnesses. Millions more endured the heat and may suffer subsequent health repercussions.

Working in Diverse Communities

Climate change does not strike everyone equally. Poor people, black and brown people, and people living on the frontlines suffer “first and worst.” How does PSR partner with these communities to fight the climate crisis? Learn more in this PSR and Peoples Climate Movement “virtual town hall” webinar. Hear about PSR/Oregon’s work in a powerful …

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