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Nuclear Weapons Community Cost Calculator

Each April, PSR-LA’s Dr. Bob Dodge calculates the cost of nuclear weapons programs to our communities. This year, the total nuclear weapons drain on our economy comes to $75 billion.

PSR on military spending: time to change the status quo

The Biden administration released an overview “budget blueprint” on April 9, and it was a disappointment. PSR takes exception to many particular items that will likely be included in the full budget, expected in late May, and we intend to challenge the “topline” military spending numbers.  President Trump took military spending to a very high …

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Representative Smith and Senator Warren Reintroduce the No First Use Act

On April 15, 2021, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Adam Smith reintroduced the No First Use Act (H.R.2603 & S.1219), which would officially establish that the United States policy is to not use nuclear weapons as a means of warfare first. The United States does not currently have a pledge or policy of no first …

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PSR Welcomes National Staff and Board Members

PSR is excited to welcome two new national staff members to our national staff: Mari Faines as Director of Communications and Outreach; and LaTisha Henderson as Direct Mail and Membership Manager.

Last Chance To Join Our 24-Hour Earth Day Campaign!

As we come down to our last “Giving Hour”, I want to say thank you again to our donors, sponsors, staff, and chapters. I also want to thank everyone who shared our messages about this campaign throughout the day. For those of us who make caring for the environment part of our daily lives, celebrating …

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