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Act now for concrete climate protection!

This action alert is no longer active

Photo: Candice Nyando / CC BY 3.0

Are you ready to help us achieve concrete nationwide gains for climate protection?

President Biden’s “American Jobs Plan” gives us – finally – an opportunity for large-scale climate action. It can help move the entire nation off fossil fuels, turn decisively to clean renewable energy, and break the momentum of climate change.

But it faces fierce opposition, especially from conservatives and corporations that do not want to pay for it.

They’re thinking shortsightedly. We only have about ten years to transform our energy system. If we don’t, we face a future of climate-driven storms, flooding, droughts and wildfires – and more pain, destruction and death.

That’s why I’m asking you to tell your two U.S. senators and your congressperson and why the American Jobs Plan is critical to health and life.

The American Jobs Plan is a powerful new package that will provide jobs building modern energy infrastructure, bring clean-energy benefits to marginalized communities, and fight climate change. Let your elected officials know you want them to support it.