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American Medical Association gives PSR two big wins

hydrogen moleculesThe American Medical Association has given PSR two big wins, voting to approve resolutions flagging the health threats associated with gas stoves and the dangers of blending hydrogen with methane.

AMA confirmation of these harms provides us with powerful tools in our work, both to promote electric-powered heat pumps and induction cooktops in place of methane (“natural”) gas-burning stoves, furnaces and hot water heaters, and our emerging campaign to head off the blending of hydrogen with gas for combustion in buildings and power plants.

Both resolutions were passed by vote at the AMA’s Annual Meeting in Chicago. You can’t get more mainstream than that.

And both were initiated by PSR: drafted by Andee Krasner, PSR consultant and member of Greater Boston PSR, with Stephen Jones, MD, then introduced into and passed by the Massachusetts Medical Society with the help of Dr. Jones and Brita Lundberg MD, Greater Boston PSR’s chair of the board.

Each resolution was then approved by the New England regional medical association before being sent on to the national AMA.

Preliminary texts of the resolutions are available here, page 16.