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PSR Testifies before U.S. EPA

Climate Ambassadors Dr. Alan Lockwood and Dr. Janis Petzel, board members Dr. Mike Martin and Dr. Todd Sack, and E&H Director Barb Gottlieb all testified at a virtual EPA hearing on the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.

PSR Calls for Gas Stoves Hearing

PSR is joining with allies to ask Congress to hold a hearing on health harms from gas stoves. Gas stoves emit health-harming pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide, that can exacerbate pre-existing respiratory illnesses and cause asthma in children.

Gas Burners

Cooking With Gas: Health Harms from Gas Stoves

Watch now: PSR training on harmful air pollutants from gas stoves, their negative health impacts, the exacerbated impacts on vulnerable populations, and how clinicians can help patients reduce their risk.

Support Ceasefire in Ukraine

Sign the IPPNW petition calling for an immediate ceasefire, for NATO and Russia to wholeheartedly renounce the use of nuclear weapons, and for Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

Bridges to Access: Health and Climate

Watch Texas PSR President Dr. Lisa Doggett’s presentations on climate advocacy and air and water pollution, from the recent Bridges to Access conference.