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Help make climate change history!

INACTIVE – This November, voters in Washington State will vote on Initiative 1631, a visionary proposal to reduce carbon pollution, clean the air and water, and benefit the communities most vulnerable to climate change.

Stop the EPA’s assault on the climate!

INACTIVE – Tell your members of Congress that the EPA’s proposed action is irresponsible and dangerous to health. Urge them to speak out against this dangerous roll-back.

Stop Fracked Gas: Protect our waters and climate!

INACTIVE – Help us protect the health of our waters and the world’s climate—by speaking out against a proposal to build a fracked gas pipeline and the first LNG (liquefied natural gas) export facility on the west coast.

Help ensure peace is on the Helsinki summit agenda

INACTIVE – The world’s citizens need Trump and Putin to agree to extend New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) beyond 2021, when it is due to expire. We need your help to make that happen.

Don’t Let EPA Put Industry Profits Before Human Health

INACTIVE – Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is teeing up another action to cripple the EPA’s ability to protect human health and well-being. Tell the EPA that we need a cost-benefit analysis that accurately reflects the benefits that pollution protections provide to our communities’ health and safety.

Don’t let them censor science!

INACTIVE – Tell the EPA that we need strong science to meet today’s environmental challenges to health—and that requires using all of the best available research available when it makes decisions.