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Europe Needs Heat Pumps, Not Methane Gas

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Destroyed building in Ukraine
A residential building in Kyiv damaged during Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

As the vicious and illegal war on Ukraine rages on, Western Europe wrestles with losing its supply of Russian oil and gas. How should the U.S. respond? Please join us in telling President Biden to export electric heat pumps instead of doubling down on fossil fuels.

President Biden does not have to choose between providing Europe with energy or protecting the climate. He can do both by taking an innovative yet effective action: invoking the Defense Production Act (DPA) to drastically ramp up manufacturing of electric heat pumps for export to Europe.

Electric heat pumps provide an efficient alternative to burning fossil fuels to heat and cool buildings. By increasing production and export of heat pumps, the Biden administration can keep methane in the ground while helping Europeans meet their energy demands in this time of need.

Supercharging heat pump manufacturing would also create domestic jobs and advance the U.S. on its clean energy revolution.

Putin’s power and the climate crisis have one thing in common: a dependence on fossil fuels. By choosing electric heat pumps over more fossil fuels, we can take a giant step toward addressing both.

Call on President Biden to use the Defense Production Act to ramp up heat pump production, and let’s keep Europe warm and the climate cool.


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Join us in calling on the President to use the Defense Production Act to mass produce heat pumps to keep Europe warm through the winter without Russian gas. Biden can supercharge U.S. manufacturing while also thwarting Putin’s plans.

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Write a letter to President Biden calling on him to use the power of the Defense Production Act to make American-made electric heat pumps for Europe! Keep Russian methane gas in the ground and foil Putin’s plans.

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Putin’s power and climate change have one thing in common: dependence on fossil fuels. We must tell President Biden to leverage the Defense Production Act to accelerate the manufacturing of heat pumps for immediate export to the EU.

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Let’s keep Europe warm and the climate cool by exporting heat pumps, not dirty methane gas. President Biden can leverage the Defense Production Act to meet European energy needs and gain independence from Russian energy. Click below to take action.

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