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NorCal Symposium for Climate, Health, and Equity (Virtual)

Hosted by UCSF, UC Davis, and Stanford, with SF Bay PSR members included in programming

Friday, September 24, 2021, Noon – 7:00 pm PT

Healthcare professionals and students will learn about climate change as a social justice issue, the health and equity issues in communities made vulnerable by racism and poverty, and concrete solutions to change clinical practice that can address inequities and improve care.

Climate change will disproportionately burden Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities and communities with higher rates of poverty. Healthcare institutions have a profound role to play in understanding the health effects of climate change in communities made vulnerable by poverty and racism and partnering with communities to provide services that best address the surrounding communities needs. The symposium this year places community engagement at its core with sessions on the themes of food systems, wildfire and air pollution, advocacy, and education co-developed by community partners.