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Vigil at Zenith Energy: No Tar Sands Oil Shipments Here, None Anywhere

September 24, 2019 @ 7:00 am – September 26, 2019 @ 7:00 am
Portland, OR - Near the Zenith Energy Facility
5501 NW Front Avenue

Crude oil from tar sands in Canada is being shipped by rail through our neighborhoods and being exported using our rivers, putting our communities at risk and causing untold harm to native lands, boreal forests, our climate, and our health.

In collaboration with many of our community partners, Oregon PSR has planned an upcoming vigil at Zenith Energy, and we hope you will join us. The vigil at Zenith Energy will be one of dozens of events taking place from September 20th through the 27th throughout Oregon during the Global Climate Strike.

We will be keeping watch, legally and peacefully, outside of the Zenith Energy facility to express our concern for the planet, our discontent at the current status quo, and our optimism that things can change for the better. We will be tracking train movements, observing construction at the site, and putting pressure on elected officials, as well as the Zenith Energy facility, to cease these dangerous tar sands oil shipments.

This effort is being organized as part of the Global Climate Strike week of action, with input from the Stop Zenith Collaborative, 350PDX, and other organizations and individuals. Members of the media, public officials, faith leaders, and all others are invited to join the vigil. Bring food to share, illumination for the dark, pictures of what motivates you, music, art, and your watchful presence.

To get more involved, contact Oregon PSR Healthy Climate Action Team member Melanie Plaut, MD by email or phone (503-544-8227) to sign up for a four-hour shift during the vigil. Shifts begin at 7:00 AM & PM, 11:00 AM & PM, and 3:00 AM & PM. Vigil shift partners, safety details, train-spotting techniques, and information regarding tar sands and the history of Zenith will be provided.