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Health, Life Insurance Companies Must Divest from Fossil Fuels

Health insurance and life insurance companies are supposed to help us deal with threats and risks. So why are they investing in fossil fuels, which undermine health, increase susceptibility to COVID-19, and contribute to climate change?

And yet, they do. America’s 19 largest health and life insurance companies, according to the most recent available figures, have collectively invested over $183 billion of their customers’ premiums—that’s the money you gave them, if you’re insured—in fossil fuels. Most of that money was invested by life insurance companies.

“Running Out of Time,” an eye-opening new report co-released by PSR and The Sunrise Project, will fill you in on the startling details:  the extent of those investments, the harm they do to humans and the climate, and the importance of persuading insurers to divest their fossil fuel holdings. Read the report here.