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Help ensure peace is on the Helsinki summit agenda

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Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will hold their first summit meeting on Monday, July 16 in Helsinki, Finland. They control 92% of the world’s nuclear weapons and their nations are poised to begin a new nuclear arms race.

PSR’s view is: at Helsinki, the foremost agenda item for these leaders should be an agreement to stop the new arms race and begin the process of negotiating total elimination of all nuclear weapons worldwide. On July 19 in Brussels, reporters asked President Trump for his vision of the ultimate deal he could reach with Putin. Trump acknowledged that would be “no more nuclear weapons anywhere in the world.”

At the very minimum, the world’s citizens need Trump and Putin to agree to extend New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) beyond 2021, when it is due to expire. We need your help to make that happen.

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New START limits the numbers of deployed strategic nuclear weapons on both sides to 1,550. If it is not renewed, the sky is the limit. Fortunately, three very influential Senators, the highest-ranking Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations, Select Intelligence and Armed Services, introduced a bill to make it U.S. policy to extend the New START Treaty.

Contact YOUR senators and urge them to cosponsor this bill, S. 3169, originally cosponsored by Senators Robert Menendez (NJ), Mark Warner (VA) and Jack Reed (RI). Let’s ensure our viewpoint is part of the Helsinki discussion.

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