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Join our PSR Earth Day Campaign

Experts warn we have less than 20 years to address the existential threat of climate change before the impact becomes irreversible. In recognition of Earth Day, PSR is calling on all of our members, activists, and allies to help us raise awareness about this crisis and broaden our base of support to meet this challenge head-on.

On Thursday, April 22nd, PSR is launching our Earth Day Ally Campaign. Our goal is to engage one thousand individuals over 24-hours to donate to our cause and our fight.

The Campaign will be divided into five “Giving Hours,” each with a participation and donation target that will help create new momentum towards expanding our Environment and Health agenda to address climate change. We’re also grateful to have several sponsors whose cash contributions will be “unlocked” when we meet our participation goals for each time period. Please see our “Giving Hour” themes and goals below.

PSR Earth Day Campaign!
Time (EDT) Theme Participant Goal
9am-Noon Support Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Initiatives! 200 donors
Noon-3pm Support our Climate Ambassadors Program! 200 donors
3pm-6pm End Fracking! 200 donors
6pm-9pm Committing to Renewable Energy! 200 donors
9pm-Midnight Last Chance! 200 donors

We hope that you will mark your calendar; share our campaign with a friend via email, Facebook, or Instagram; and plan to participate on Thursday, April 22nd!