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PSR Honors International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

This action alert is no longer active

September 26 is International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Tomorrow, we will honor the occasion by calling once again for the total abolition of nuclear weapons. PSR remains committed to working for a nuclear weapons-free world, and we encourage you to take action for a better, safer future.

We’re not in this fight alone. In fact, a few clear thinking Members of Congress have recently taken important steps to prevent the outbreak of nuclear war. On September 18, Representatives Ted Lieu, Adam Smith, John Garamendi, Earl Blumenauer, and Senator Ed Markey introduced a bill called the Hold the LYNE—or Low-Yield Nuclear Explosive—Act. This legislation would “prohibit the research, development, production and deployment of a low-yield nuclear warheads for submarine-launched ballistic missiles.” PSR opposes so-called “low-yield” nuclear weapons because they actually lower the threshold for nuclear war and increase the risk that they may actually be used.

“There’s no such thing as a low-yield nuclear war,” said Rep. Lieu in the joint press release announcing the bill.“Use of any nuclear weapon, regardless of its killing power, could be catastrophically destabilizing. It opens the door for severe miscalculation and could drag the U.S. and our allies into a devastating nuclear conflict. That’s why Reps. Smith, Garamendi and Blumenauer, and Sen. Markey in the Senate, introduced the Hold the LYNE Act, to ensure we won’t lower our standards for launching a nuclear weapon.”

We must prevent what we cannot cure. There cannot be an adequate medical response to a nuclear attack. We know the humanitarian impact that will result. We applaud steadfast champions like these Congressmen who have stepped up to the plate to prevent nuclear war. Such bold moves are key to securing our future.

Take action today and ask your member of Congress to support the Hold the LYNE Act.

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