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Climate Health Summit Handouts & Presentations

PSR’s Climate Health Summit was held September 20-21, 2015 in Washington, DC.

The Climate Health Summit provided in depth information about the health implications of climate change and the health benefits of climate solutions. Communication skills useful for informing the public and policymakers about this critical issue were presented; and information on policy choices were included with methods to advocate for change to decision-makers who have opportunities to support actions for a healthy climate. Below is a listing of all the presentations with selected videos and handouts.

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Mona Sarfaty, MD and Catherine Thomasson, MD | Video


Climate and Health: Where We Stand
Jonathan Patz, MD, MPH: Climate Change Policy’s Silver Lining for Public Health | Video
Linda Rudolph, MD, MPH: Climate Justice Matters | Video


Heat, Pollen and Air Pollution
Mona Sarfaty, MD: The Effects of Heat | Video
Yolanda Whyte, MD: Climate Change & Air Pollution
Rosalyn Baker, MD: Climate Change and the Increase in Allergic Diseases | Video

Climate Change and Infectious Diseases
Samantha Ahdoot, MD: Of Mice, Men and Mosquitoes: Vector-Borne Infections in a Changing Climate| Video | Slides
Lynn Ringenberg, MD: Climate Change & Waterborne Disease | Video

Mental health issues and climate change
Susan Clayton, PhD: Mental Health and Climate Change | Video
Lise Van Susteren, MD: Mental Health Issues and Climate Change | Video


Extreme Weather Events: Infrastructure Damage and Impact on Vulnerable Populations
Cindy Parker, MD, MPH: Extreme Weather Events: Infrastructure Damage and Impact on Vulnerable Populations

Effects of Climate Change Food and Water Resources
Maureen McCue, MD, PhD: Climate Change & Water Health Challenges
Robert Lawrence, MD: Climate Change and Threats to Food Security

Climate Change Ocean Impacts on Public Health
Don Boesch, PhD: Climate Change: Ocean Impacts on Public Health | Slides


The Silent Epidemic: The Effects of Coal on Human Health
Alan Lockwood, MD, FAAN, FANA: Coal & Health: Past, Present, and Future

Public Health Hazards of Natural Gas Extraction and Power Production
Adam Law, MD: Methane Public Health Risks | Slides
Barb Sattler, RN, DrPH: Public Health Hazards of Extraction

Transportation Choices, Climate and Health
Richard Jackson, MD, MPH: Transportation Policy is Climate Policy is Health Policy


Moving Healthy Climate Policy
Catherine Thomasson, MD: Why Focus on Policy | Video
Rona Birnbaum: The Clean Power Plan | Video
Rachel Cleetus, PhD: Pricing Carbon: A Smart Choice for Cutting Carbon Emissions and Limiting Climate Risks | Video

Communicating About Climate and Health – Plenary
Bob Perkowitz: Communicating About Climate and Health | Video
Ed Maibach, PhD: Communicating Effectively About Climate Change & Health | Video
Meighen Speiser: Connecting on Climate: Communications to Build Political Will | Video


Best Communications Practices on Climate Change and Health (targeting public and media)
Diana Van Vleet and Barb Gottlieb: Handout: Communications for Public | Handout: Media Cheat Sheet

Communicating to Policymakers
Jamie Consuegra, Ed Maibach, and Mark Mitchell: Communicating to Policy Makers | Slides | Handout: Legislative Communications on CPP


Clean Power Plan – State Actions
Ivan Frishberg: State Hub Clean Power Plan | Slides
Katie Huffling, RN, CNM: Health Professionals for CPP

EPA’s Clean Power Plan – Federal Action
Laura Kate Bender and Catherine Thomasson, MD: Legislative Defense of CPP | Handout: How to Lobby | Handout: CPP/Ozone


Addressing Climate Change in Health Care Settings
Robin Guenther, FAIA, LEED® AP: Addressing Climate Change in Healthcare Settings | Video
Gary Cohen, MD: Addressing Climate Change in Health Care Settings | Video 1 | Video 2

Urban Solutions
Katherine Johnson: Urban Solutions | Video
Lynn Ringenberg, MD: The Role of Health Professionals in Moving Policy | Video