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Health Federations Call Ban Treaty a Significant Forward Step

This joint statement on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has been released by International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, the World Medical Association, the International Council of Nurses, and the World Federation of Public Health Associations. IPPNW is PSR’s international affiliate.

PSR Policy on Carbon Pricing

PSR recommends a Price on Carbon applied to Fossil Fuels as a Tool to Help Prevent Global Climate Catastrophe Statement: Physicians for Social Responsibility urges the United States to adopt a carbon price on fossil fuels to control global emissions of carbon dioxide and methane, the chief causes of global climate change. Background: The Intergovernmental …

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PSR Position Statement on Hydraulic Fracturing

The PSR National Board of Directors adopted, at its May 2016 meeting, a policy calling for a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking). We and all the nations of the world face choices about energy that will determine the health and livability of the planet. Our reliance on fossil fuels has heated the air and the …

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Physicians for Social Responsibility Support Labeling of GMO Foods

Resolution: Physicians for Social Responsibility supports mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods (GMOs). We believe consumers have the right to know what’s in their food and make informed decisions about what they eat. Supporting reasons: Why should the public have this right to know? Consumers want to know. Virtually every poll taken on the subject …

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PSR Policy on Health Care Reform in the United States

Access to comprehensive health care is a human right. It is the responsibility of society, through its government, to ensure this right. Adopted by Physicians for Social Responsibility Board of Directors April 2, 2009 For physicians, and indeed for all health workers, promoting health for all is a clear social responsibility. Attention must be paid …

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