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Why Natural Gas Is Not an Alternative to Coal

Presentation by former PSR Executive Director Dr. Catherine Thomasson on the topic of health effects of renewable energy vs methane, from a presentation given in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Hydraulic Fracturing: Implications for Public Health

PSR slide presentation provides a clear overview of the many health issues associated with hydraulic fracturing, from air contaminants to water contaminants to its contribution to climate change.

Public Health and Social Justice

The “Public Health and Social Justice” website at or contains articles and open-access slide shows, syllabi, and other documents relevant to topics in public health and social justice, especially covering environmental health and war and peace.

Climate Change and Conflict

Presentation by PSR Executive Director Dr. Catherine Thomasson, given at the American Public Health Association 2013 annual meeting in Boston.

Heat’s Deadly Effects

PowerPoint presentation on how extreme heat affects health, and its relation to climate change.

Toxics: Now and Forever

Presentation by PSR’s Dr. Cathey Eisner Falvo on pediatric health impacts of environmental toxins.