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Creating Robust and Effective State Renewable Portfolio Standards

This PSR webinar features three of our chapter experts discussing state renewable energy solutions for the electricity sector. Specifically, they focused on how best to structure an effective state Renewable Portfolio Standard. The speakers covered issues such as: pushing for the strongest targets possible, keeping “dirty” imposters out of the “clean and safe” definition for …

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Webinar: Latest on Climate Science and Impacts

PSR webinar featuring speaker Hunter Cutting, Director of Strategic Communications at Climate Nexus and an expert reviewer for the IPCC 1.5 report. He discusses the latest climate science and the range of impacts projected with a focus on health, and covers what needs to be done from an emissions reductions and economic transition perspective to …

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Webinar: Health Risks of Nuclear Power

As PSR chapters promote the transition to clean renewable energy, some are finding that nuclear power is being proposed as renewable. This webinar explores exactly why nuclear is not clean, not safe and not renewable. Citations Citations for Damon Motz-Storey’s slides EIA – Nuclear Energy Explained Nuclear Regulatory Commission – United States Operating Power Reactors …

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Video: Natural Gas Health Impacts Symposium

PSR is proud to have participated in “Natural Gas Infrastructure and Public Health,” a high-powered conference in Boston that brought together university researchers, public health departments and concerned citizens. Watch Environment & Health Director Barbara Gottlieb’s overview presentation here, timestamp 11:10 – 46:05.

Climate Communicators Guide

Our new guide for climate communicators speaking on behalf of PSR, featuring tips for speaking on climate change and health, and sample presentations and other resources. Welcome to the PSR “Climate Communicators Guide”. We want you to be a successful speaker on behalf of PSR and there is plenty here to help you. We encourage …

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Fracking – Too Dirty, Too Dangerous

Former executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility, Catherine Thomasson, MD, presents findings from PSR’s report “Too Dirty, Too Dangerous: Why Health Professionals Reject Natural Gas”. It is based on summaries of recent medical and scientific studies which clearly convey the health threats that accompany use of methane as a fuel.

Webinar: Eating for Climate and Health

Webinar featuring speaker Michael Martin, MD on how climate change affects food production, and how our food choices contribute to climate change.

Webinar: Too Dirty, Too Dangerous

Why health professionals reject natural gas Are you concerned about fracking? Natural gas pipelines and compressor stations? The push to replace coal-fired power plants with gas-burning ones? You’re right to be concerned! Watch PSR’s latest webinar for more information on just how bad natural gas is for health and for the climate.

Webinar: Energy Efficiency for Healthier Homes

Learn what energy efficiency looks like and what it can accomplish – including its health impacts in the home. Slides pt 1 – Intro by Barb Gottlieb, PSR, & Sarah Hayes, ACEEE Slides pt 2 – Presentation by Brendan Brown and Wes Stewart, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative