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Video: Sadako at Tucson’s All Souls Procession

PSR Arizona members and other Tucson anti-nuclear activists remember those who have died as a result of nuclear weapons, nuclear power, nuclear testing and uranium mining in this 4.5 minute video. They created a 10 foot tall puppet of Sadako Sasaki – a girl from Hiroshima who died of leukemia 10 years after the atomic …

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Time to Divest From Nuclear Weapons Industries

Don’t Bank on the Bomb (DBOTB) produces an annual report examining the financing of nuclear weapons manufacturers, edited by Susi Snyder, the Nuclear Disarmament Programme Manager for PAX, with the assistance of ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons). DBOTB identifies financial institutions seeking to profit from the private companies involved in the production, maintenance, …

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Nuclear Testing Rears Its Ugly Head

As the Trump administration continues to pursue talks including Russia and China, administration officials are considering new nuclear weapons tests as a negotiating tool.

Time is running out for the New START Treaty

Despite bipartisan support in Congress, the current administration has essentially not lifted a finger to save the treaty. PSR is backing bipartisan legislation in support of extending New START.