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Tell the EPA: Protect us from fracked gas

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Photo: Battenbrook / CC BY-SA 3.0

Tell the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: They need to retain the rules that require oil and gas drillers to capture escaping fracked gas.

Fracked gas (methane) leaks into the atmosphere when oil and gas wells are being drilled and when gas is being extracted and processed. It leaks from the joints and valves of pipes and machinery. Some gas is even released deliberately during early stages of production, or to reduce pressure levels in infrastructure.

All of these leaks accelerate climate change.

Regulations currently exist that require well operators to inspect their machinery and capture as much of the escaping gas as possible. Now the EPA wants to weaken those rules, letting more gas escape into the atmosphere and speed up climate change. That is outrageous.

Please send a comment to the EPA today, urging them not to weaken the rules that protect us from escaping fracked gas.

Let’s be real. Three recent scientific reports—from the IPCC, the U.S. government, and the medical journal The Lancet—have documented that climate change is happening now, it’s harming health, it’s damaging the economy, and we only have a dozen years to get it under control. Now more than ever, the EPA should be allowing less of this potent climate accelerator into the atmosphere, not more.

Please join us in making that point to the EPA.

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