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Thank you, E&H Summer Interns!

Environment & Health enjoyed the support of three stupendous summer interns this summer. View the fruits of their labor: a PowerPoint on PFAS chemicals in fracking, a resource kit on building electrification, and a speech on the Mall!

Anahí López is a senior at Denison University, where they study International and Environmental Studies. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, Anahí partnered remotely with Washington PSR intern John Seng to produce a toolkit of resources on building electrification, featuring materials created by PSR chapters.

Henry Lynett is a political science major at Temple University with a minor in environmental studies. In line with his interest in policy-making, he tracked legislation on Capitol Hill to keep PSR staff up-to-date. He capped off his internship by giving a speech on the Mall at the foot of the Capitol.

Eliza Marris is also a senior at Temple University, where she studies philosophy and environmental law. Given her additional background in photography and her artist’s eye, Eliza was the perfect candidate to create a slide presentation summarizing PSR’s latest report, “Fracking with ‘Forever’ Chemicals.”