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This is our opening for peace

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Diplomacy with nuclear-armed North Korea is a high-stakes endeavor. But  after many months of alarming threats and counter-threats, events in 2018 have provided us an opportunity to change course and make progress towards lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula. Will you ask your senators to support diplomacy and prevent war with North Korea?

Americans cannot afford to have leaders who are cavalier about a war with North Korea, because the consequences would be dire. According to the Congressional Research Service, any military conflict on the Korean Peninsula could cause mass civilian casualties, impacting 25 million people on both sides of the border.  It is critical that Congress re-assert its war-making authority, require Congressional approval for any military strike against North Korea, and actively support diplomacy in the region.

Senator Chris Murphy  has introduced legislation to restrict funding for a first-strike against North Korea. The Preventing Preemptive War With North Korea Act affirms the constitutional principle that only Congress, not the president, can authorize nuclear or conventional strikes against North Korea. Ask your senators to support this critical legislation to pursue diplomacy with North Korea.

Peace is possible for the Koreas. To build on the positive diplomatic momentum, urge your senators prevent war with North Korea.

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