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WA Gov Inslee Thanks PSR for Gas Stoves Health Advocacy

@GovInslee tweet: Thanks to @PSRenvironment for raising awareness of the health risks of gas heating and stoves. The transition to clean energy is as much a health issue as it is an environmental one.Gov. Inslee (D-WA), commenting on the American Medical Association’s passage of two important resolutions, thanked PSR.

One of the AMA resolutions flags the health threats associated with gas stoves. The other cites the dangers of blending hydrogen with methane.

We appreciate Gov. Inslee’s tweet! At the same time, we thank the AMA for these strong statements. They provide us with powerful tools for promoting electric-powered heat pumps and induction cooktops in place of methane (“natural”) gas-burning appliances, and our emerging campaign to head off the blending of hydrogen with gas for combustion in buildings.

PSR has just published a report on the dangers of hydrogen blending, available here.

Both resolutions were adopted at the recent annual meeting of the AMA’s House of Delegates. Previously, they were passed by the Massachusetts Medical Society and subsequently by the New England regional medical association before being sent on to national AMA.

Greater PSR Boston was instrumental in initiating and supporting both resolutions.