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Do you have a passion for PSR’s mission to protect present and future generations from catastrophic climate change? If so, then you may be interested in becoming a PSR Climate Ambassador.

As a Climate Ambassador you will have the opportunity to work closely with PSR staff and participate in a select number of important actions and activities on key climate and clean energy issues. Some current activities include:

  • Submitting a comment to EPA on an environmental standards rollback
  • Submitting a letter to the editor on a key issue or signing onto an op-ed (which we provide guidance in drafting and submitting)
  • Testifying at an EPA hearing on a climate related issue
  • Calling, writing or meeting with your congressional delegation
  • Participating in a local climate event

PSR Climate Ambassadors are asked to take a minimum of one action per month. PSR staff regularly provide the Climate Ambassadors with a variety of activities each month.

Become a Climate Ambassador



“Being a part of the climate ambassadors has been a really empowering experience for me. Since joining I have been supported in writing letters to the editor and have been able to meet with several of my elected representatives to discuss the health impacts of climate change. Through this experience I have become a stronger advocate for my future patients”

– Autumn Vogel, medical student and a national student representative to the PSR Board of Directors

“Being a PSR Climate Ambassador has given me access to a connected, informed, and knowledgeable climate health community. I’ve gotten specific feedback on op-eds related to the climate health crisis and help and advice on getting them placed. I am so excited to continue being part of this group and learning to make my voice more effective.”

– Dr. Amanda Millstein, primary care pediatrician, PSR member, and co-founder of Climate Health Now

“As a climate change ambassador, PSR has taught me how be a better advocate and connected me with strategic opportunities to have my voice heard at the national level. Through this program, I have gotten OP-ED pieces published in various journals, had the chance to speak with Senators and Congressmen at DC, and connect with like-minded students and physicians. Overall, this experience has inspired me to be a stronger advocate, and given me tools I can use for the rest of my life.”

– Sid Gugale, medical student and a national student representative to the PSR Board of Directors


Op-eds and Letters to the Editor

Symptoms of warmer planet create health effects
Bashyam Iyengar, MD, MPH – Florida Times Union

What Climate Change Does to the Human Body
Neelu Tummula, MD – Scientific American

Preventing the next pandemic
Daniel Wolk, MD – Philadelphia Inquirer (PA)

Renewable energy allows our planet a healthy future
Molly Hammersmith – Columbus Dispatch (OH)

Readers React: Climate Change Efforts will Help Economy
Mary Ellen O’Connell, MSN – The Morning Call (PA)

Officials must adjust to weather disasters during COVID-19
Todd Sack, MD – Orlando Sentinel (FL)

The Climate Crisis and Covid-19 — A Major Threat to the Pandemic Response
Renee N. Salas, MD, MPH, James M. Shultz, PhD, and Caren G. Solomon, MD, MPH – New England Journal of Medicine (Perspective)

Rolling back environmental protections will worsen COVID-19 pandemic
Janis Petzel, MD – Bangor Daily News (ME)

Oil-Gas Industry Exploits Virus to Gut Protections, to Humanity’s Peril
Harv Teitelbaum – The Pueblo Chieftan (CO)

Pollution will make pandemic worse
Claire Gervais, MD – Wisconsin State Journal

Misguided EPA rule would take health science out of policy decisions
Daniel Oppenheim, MD – Portland Press Herald (ME)

Poorer areas more likely to feel climate change’s effects
Alan Lockwood, MD – Columbus Dispatch (OH)

Fix U.S. tax code to address climate change and our health
Amanda Millstein, MD – East Bay Times (CA)

Climate change has far-reaching effect on housing, health
Bashyam Iyengar, MD, MPH – Orlando Sentinel

Readers React: State of the Union failed to tackle climate change
Mary Ellen O’Connell, MSN – The Morning Call, Lehigh Valley News (PA)

Trump Wants to End Regulation That Cut Mercury Pollution by 81 Percent
Daniel Wolk, MD – Truthout

EPA standards rollback harmful to all, including Lansing residents
Samuel Maves – Lansing State Journal (MI)

It’s time to listen to doctors on the risks of climate change
Todd Sack, MD – The Florida Times-Union

Our climate heart attack
Alan Peterson, MD – Lancaster Newspapers/LNP (PA)

Climate crisis should be addressed at next debates
Barbara Wendeborn Brandom, MD – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

My Patients’ Health Depends on Addressing Climate Change
Autumn Vogel – Common Dreams

Climate Change – A Health Emergency
Caren G. Solomon, MD, MPH, and Regina C. LaRocque, MD, MPH – New England Journal of Medicine

Preparing Medical Students for a Warmer World
Christian Cayon – Common Dreams

The Clock Is Ticking on Addressing Climate Change—Med Students Can Help
Sidhant Gugale – Common Dreams

Air Pollution Is Killing Kids, But Trump’s EPA Doesn’t Seem To Care
Eric Sullivan – Huffington Post


Blogs, Podcasts and Webinars

Webinar: Florida Doctors Join Rep. Castor in Calling for Climate Action
Lynn Ringenberg, MD, Abbey Strauss, MD, and Sandra Gonzalez Gompf, MD, hosted by PSR FL

Webinar: Links between climate and COVID-19
Stephen Jay, MD, hosted by Environmental Resilience Institute (IN)

Podcast: Food Insecurity, Covid, Climate Change, Poverty And Job Loss: Will These Take Us Closer To A “2020 Vision” Level Of Discussion Of Our World? & Climate Changes And Other Events That Can Increase Homelessness.
Bashyam  Iyengar, MD  – The Experts Speak, hosted by Abbey Strauss, MD

Blog: Talking about Climate and Health as a Clinician: You Should, Too!
Michael Donnenberg, MD

Blog: Students Lead the Climate Strike, and the World Follows
Samuel Maves



Climate and Health: Storms and Sea Level
Renewable Energy and Health
Climate and Health Risks of Liquified Natural Gas

Media and Advocacy Guidance:
Webinar: Being a Climate Advocate
Letter to the Editor Guidelines
Webinar: Messaging on the Climate Emergency
Webinar: Media Training


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