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For decades, since the start of PSR’s environment and health program, examining and educating the public and elected officials regarding potential health impacts of coal and coal ash served as a core priority for PSR. Our advocacy efforts made a great impact in the efforts to counter misleading reports by coal industry lobbyists and combat new coal projects that would threaten nearby communities.

PSR’s seminal reports, including “Coal’s Assault on Human Health,” continue to serve as definitive resources on potential health impacts associated with coal and coal ash to this day. PSR chapters and supporters in and near coal country continue to fight to raise awareness of the devastating, deadly impacts of coal and coal ash on human health.

Some PSR chapters continue to do vital work regarding coal issues at the local and state levels.

PSR chapters working on coal issues:

PSR Arizona: Clean, Safe, Renewable Energy
Chicago PSR: Coal-fired Power Plants & Health
Oregon PSR: Coal Export
Washington PSR: Coal


Banner image: Greg Goebel / CC BY-SA 2.0