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A New Fracking Landscape: Report on Recent Science Shows Overwhelming Evidence of Harm

Health professional groups raise alarm that build-out of drilling and fracking operations is creating a public health crisis. Experts available for interviews. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Elana Simon, Communications Manager, Physicians for Social Responsibility, 202-681-9169 As incontrovertible evidence of harm from fracking mounts and more health professionals raise the alarm, the fracking debate is …

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Natural Gas: Not a healthy or climate-protective solution for the Clean Power Plan

Building natural gas plants to replace coal-fired power is not a solution to the climate crisis; it merely replaces one fossil fuel with another. Burning natural gas is not carbon-free; gas produces approximately 60 percent of the carbon pollution emitted by a coal plant, depending on its efficiency. In addition, natural gas is primarily methane, …

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