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Webinar: Advancing Green Justice in Washington State

Issue: climate change | environment & health | environmental justice

Type: video

Learn how Washington PSR has placed environmental justice at the heart of its actions to fight climate change and promote clean, healthy renewable energy. Hear too from one of their environmental justice partners: Front & Centered, a statewide coalition rooted in communities of color and people with lower incomes. As thought leaders and organizers on …

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Letter to House of Representatives on Particulates

Issue: air pollution | environment & health

Type: letter to policymaker

Letter signed by PSR and partner organizations in support of Amendment 62, which would block EPA from finalizing its inadequate update to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for PM 2.5, also known as soot. The amendment would allow the EPA to start over and do their job to protect public health and the …

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Letter on EPA Advisory Committees

Issue: environment & health | federal government

Type: letter to policymaker

Letter signed by PSR and partner groups to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler asking him to reopen the nominations process for EPA advisory committees, in light of the court ruling that grant recipients cannot be barred from these committees. Download

Webinar: #StillHere: Maximize the impact of the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima / Nagasaki

Issue: nuclear weapons

Type: video

Physicians for Social Responsibility is working with over 125 U.S. organizations—including many PSR chapters—to recognize the 75th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima (Aug 6) & Nagasaki (Aug 9). Staff from PSR National hosted a one-hour webinar to discuss all the resources available to you including a digital toolkit, the launch of the unbranded 75th …

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Legality of Nuclear Weapons

Issue: ban treaty | disarmament | foreign policy | no first use | nuclear weapons | u.s. nuclear policy

Type: report

Some experts argue that nuclear weapons are already illegal under international law. Meanwhile, the United States—with 1,750 deployed nuclear weapons—and eight other nuclear-armed nations unequivocally consider them legal. Adopted in 2017, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is an initiative to build a comprehensive legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons.

Webinar: Indoor Air Pollution from Your Gas Stove

Issue: air pollution | children's health | environment & health | fracking & methane

Type: video

More than a third of U.S. households cook our meals primarily with gas. Yet most of us don’t know that when we do, we may be harming our own health. A new report, “Health Effects from Gas Stove Pollution,” presents the scientific evidence documenting dangerous levels of indoor air pollution from using a gas stove; …

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Health Effects from Gas Stove Pollution

Issue: air pollution | environment & health | fracking & methane

Type: report

A new report, coauthored by PSR, documents dangerous levels of indoor air pollution from gas stoves. The report presents scientific evidence that gas stoves release several hazardous pollutants, notably nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Nuclear Weapons Community Cost Calculator

Issue: nuclear weapons | u.s. nuclear policy

Type: fact sheet | toolkit

Each April, Dr. Bob Dodge, PSR-LA Board Member and co-founder of Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions, calculates the cost of nuclear weapons programs to our communities. See what the costs are in your community.

Heat Pump Infographic

Issue: environment & health | fracking & methane

Type: fact sheet | infographic

Learn how replacing your gas-burning appliances with electrically-powered alternatives, like induction stoves and electric heat pumps, is good for your health and the climate. Infographic by PSR/Philadelphia.

Clean Energy Tax Incentive Letter

Issue: air pollution | climate change | environment & health | renewable energy

Type: letter to policymaker

PSR and eight health organizations urge the U.S. Congress to enact a package of strong clean energy tax incentives in 2020, as one of our best opportunities to meaningfully address climate change in the 116th Congress. Investments in clean energy are critical to combating the harmful health effects of air pollution and climate change. Clean …

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