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"For decades, we have been PSR supporters who consider that the survival of humans on earth is in jeopardy. We must strive to help masses understand that climate change and increasing dangers of nuclear war must be successfully controlled to increase chances for human survival."

Lewis and Jeannette Patrie, Asheville, NC

As a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility for 25 years or more, you have dedicated your life to protecting human health. Thank you for your unfailing support; I want to warmly welcome you to Capstone, PSR’s 25-Year Member Association.

Longstanding members like you are the heart of PSR. You have kept us going for a quarter century, writing letters to the editor, providing testimony to elected officials, endorsing petitions, and making generous donations. I am in awe of your dedication. Not many people invest their lives to protect the health of others, but as a Capstone Member, you have proven yourself to be one of the special few. Your perseverance to ending the greatest threats to human health—nuclear weapons, climate change and toxic chemicals in our environment—is at the heart of all of our successes.

Thank you,

Robert Gould, MD